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Investment Management Process

Our collaborative Wealth Management approach involves combining our 2 processes that have helped us earn the coveted Five Star Wealth Manager Award: we combine the consultative Wealth Management Process with our Investment Management Process. Together, these world-class processes help us maintain an Investment Plan that ensures we have the information and tools necessary to try and achieve what is most important to you with the least possible risk we feel is necessary. By understanding exactly where you are and where you would like to be, we can engineer a portfolio designed to capture these elements and maintain your ability to sleep well at night!

The financial goals and values you share with us at the Discovery Meeting become the basis for your investment plan and for our Strategic Portfolio Management Process. The Investment Management Process we use is constantly ongoing to ensure that we are on track toward achieving your goals. The process has four distinct parts, as illustrated below:

Gap Analysis

This is an ongoing evaluation of your current situation. We reassess where you are now and where you want to go, and we consider any actions or changes that may be necessary to maximize the probability of achieving all that is important to you.

Asset Allocation

We use modern portfolio theory to determine that your account has the proper asset class selection to meet your financial goals. Change is one thing of which we are certain, and because proper asset allocation is so important, we periodically review each asset class to determine if it is still appropriate for your overall plan.

Manager/Asset Class Selection

While decisions about asset allocation are the most important decisions to be made, we also evaluate the managers and asset classes on an ongoing basis. In particular, we look for their ability to deliver consistent returns in a cost-effective and tax-efficient manner.

Rebalancing and Reporting Progress

When our ongoing reviews of your situation indicate that changing and rebalancing your portfolio are warranted, we change and rebalance it. On a quarterly basis we meet with you to report on how the portfolio has performed and on specific activity in the portfolio. These quarterly meetings are an important part of our reporting process.