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Wealth Management Process

Our Wealth Management Process was developed as a culmination of what we considered best-practices in wealth management. Only if our values are aligned and we can make a significant impact will we establish a relationship. We believe the simple, yet elegant approach has transformed our client experience into something they want to share with others (see 5-Star). We build our Wealth Management Process with you in mind!

  • Discovery Meeting – We begin by finding out all we can about you and what you believe is the perfect wealth management experience. We discover values, what is most important, who is most important, goals (short-term & long-term for you and beneficiaries), time horizons, all assets & liabilities, what your looking for, what you expect, likes & dislikes, and anything else you deem important for us to know. In the end, we find out if our values are aligned, if we can accomplish what is most important to you, and if we can develop a plan to achieve it. Whether or not you are a fit for our firm, you are still given the Client Profile that we develop based on the meeting and are left with a complete diagnostic and gap analysis.
  • Investment Plan Meeting – If our values are aligned and we can accomplish what is most important given our diagnostic, we will ask if you want to proceed to the next Investment Plan Meeting step. It is our complete Investment Plan, where we attempt to prove we can accomplish what is most important, and outline the steps and strategy to get there. The Investment Plan we present is broken up into three parts: 1.Client Profile 2.Investment Policy Statement 3.Spending Analysis.
  • Mutual Commitment Meeting – After the initial 3 weeks of Discovery and the Investment Plan creation and review, we will have a good idea if a basis for working together has developed. In this meeting, we will answer any remaining questions and address any remaining concerns. If both of us feel excited about the opportunity, then we will have all paperwork ready for the establishment of a long-term relationship.
  • 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting – After 45 days of working together, we prefer to have you back in our office for several reasons. First, we want to make sure everything has started and progressed as you expected and we are on the right track. Second, we ask you bring your statements and reports so we can help you understand how to understand all of the information. Finally, we help you organize your paperwork by understanding each mailing and its relevance.
  • Regular Progress Meetings – These regular meetings are where we keep up with what is new and changing and discuss your progress toward achieving what is most important. These meetings occur as often as you feel comfortable and we keep them on regular schedules so we develop the best possible relationship for you. At each meeting we ultimately run a completely new diagnostic, as we attempt to find out if your values have changed, your financial condition has changed, your life has had any major changes, and try and ensure the custom portfolio we build for you reflects the “new you”.
  • Wealth Management Network – If we identify any major gaps with respect to wealth enhancement, wealth protection, or wealth transfer, we will communicate that and try to facilitate finding the best solution. If you have a trusted professional that can help you in one of these areas, then we will gladly work with them if necessary on your behalf and best interest. If not, we can help you by introducing you to trusted professionals we work with.