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Investment Philosophy

A better way to invest.

The investment philosophy of Rogers Wealth Group is founded on decades of research, some of which proved to be Nobel Prize winning. Our academically defined, asset class investment strategies are unique in that they don’t conform to strict active or passive management, but rather bring together the best ideas from both schools of thought. Research overwhelmingly supports the passive approach, & to that end we believe portfolios should be broadly diversified, & internal expenses kept as low as possible. It also suggests, however, that higher returns are possible for investors who systematically target undervalued (based on fundamentals) & small capitalization stocks over time. Not only does our philosophy provide the best from both worlds, but it also eliminates the pitfall of each: the unavoidable reconstitution costs of indexing, and the high trading & turnover costs associated with pure active management.

There’s a new model of investing. We’ve just been doing it since 1995.